Meet a Coalition Participant: WebJunction

WebJunction is an online learning community for library staff that was built and managed by OCLC since 2002, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and through the collaborative support of many state library agencies. WebJunction provides learning opportunities and resources in support of continuing education for library staff across a spectrum of competencies defined in the Competency Index for the Library Field.

Each month, WebJunction hosts free interactive webinars on successful library innovations, programs and services, as presented by real-world practitioners. New articles and downloadable resources on topics of relevance to the field  are continually added to the website. Since July 2014, WebJunction has offered free access to its catalog of self-paced courses and curated webinar recordings. WebJunction also designs and delivers blended learning programs to strengthen library services that meet community needs, especially in the areas of health, education, workforce, social connection and civic engagement. Examples include Project Compass, which augments public libraries’ support of job seekers and the unemployed; Health Happens in Libraries, which magnifies the library’s key role in community health; and Strengthening CE Content for Libraries, which guides library trainers through new methods for collaboratively creating platform-independent self-paced learning content.

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