Meet a Coalition Participant: LYRASIS

As a non-profit membership organization LYRASIS partners with member libraries, archives and museums and other cultural heritage organizations to create, access and manage information with an emphasis on digital content, while building and sustaining collaboration, enhancing operations and technology, and increasing buying power. We collaborate with members to enrich, expand, acquire, digitize, host, support, manage and share their important, and often unique, collections.

LYRASIS offers classes that are designed to support your institution as you navigate the digital environment. Our classes focus on digitization and preservation topics to help you enrich, expand, create, manage and share collections with digital content. LYRASIS is home to nationally-recognized instructors who have real-world experience with digitization and preservation and can guide you through any size project.

Make the most of your collections with expert training from LYRASIS Digital:  develop creative solutions, make content and unique collections more easily accessible and available digitally, share best practices and firsthand experiences, build communities and deepen relationships that advance digital content, access and knowledge.

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