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The organizations involved in the Coalition have created a space and community where their areas of commonality overlap and their areas of uniqueness can be explored and addressed in a collaborative and innovative way. The Coalition is interested in expanding the community to be open to all. The opportunities for learning and collaboration are many, varied, and deep. Join the collaboration!

  • Advocate for cross-sector collaboration and ongoing investment in CE/PD
  • Are you involved with a cross-sector collaboration—small or large—that brings together archives, museums, and/or libraries? We want to hear about it! Email us: coalitiontoadvancelearning(at)
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The Spanning Our Field Boundaries white paper concludes with this Call to Action:

In today’s quickly changing, resource-challenged environment, it becomes increasingly important for information centers like libraries, archives, and museums to coordinate and explore opportunities to achieve efficiencies of scale through collaborative activities. Doing so across the still-prevalent “silos” of the library, archives, and museum fields could bring about transformational changes across the fields.

Successful collaborations between libraries, archives, and museums require us as individuals representing organizations, sub-fields, and fields to recognize and challenge encountered perceptions that hinder collaboration, despite how commonplace such perceptions are among our peers.

As leaders across the LAM fields, we are positioned to change perceptions. Help your peers to recognize the different types of organizational differences that can add unique perspectives, knowledge, and resources to project activities. Actively and strategically seek out and leverage partnerships with organizations unlike your own. As we do so, we will change our collective story of cross-field collaboration and span the cultural boundaries that have siloed our fields for so long.