Host proposals now solicited for the Coalition to Advance Learning

Proposals are now requested for a hosting partner for the Coalition to Advance Learning (CAL) in Archives, Libraries and Museums.

  • Coalition-RHP_January2017 describes Coalition intentions and desired outcomes for prospective hosting partners.
  • CAL RHP Process describes the process for prospective hosting partners to submit proposals.

Background: Beginning in March 2014, the Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries and Museums has brought together twenty-two representatives from U.S.-based public, private or nonprofit organizations that are investing in, leading, or delivering learning for our collective profession’s workforce.  Coalition participants have worked together virtually and in person to build stronger relationships and deepen understanding across the LAM sectors, and to conduct research and pilot initiatives to advance their joint strategy.  As the Coalition seeks to transition into an ongoing program, a partner organization is being sought to help incubate this evolution, as documented in the January 2017 RHP. This partner organization will host and support a variety of near-term priorities of the Coalition, as described in the RHP, which articulates the needs of the Coalition and desired characteristics of the Host Partner.

RHP Submissions Deadline: Proposals are now being solicited in response to the RHP.  These proposals should be structured according to the format described in the CAL RHP Process document, and should be sent as an email attachment to the email address by COB on Thursday, 6/1/17.