Study of CE/PD Trends in Cultural Heritage Community

Report prepared by Tom Clareson, Senior Consultant, LYRASIS

The Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries and Museums has released a new “Supply Analysis Project Report,” which studies trends in the provision of continuing education and professional development across the cultural heritage community.  The report by Tom Clareson includes trends gathered from interviews with education leaders at six institutions from the museum, library, and archives sectors.  Key trends identified include the need for further work on education program evaluation, and programmatic sustainability issues.

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The issues addressed by this study include:

  • The role/function of providing CE/PD at the interviewed organizations
  • How organizations identify training needs
  • CE/PD surpluses and shortages in the cultural heritage field
  • Curriculum development methodologies
  • Promotion of CE/PD offerings
  • Distribution of CE/PD
  • CE/PD development funding
  • CE/PD participation funding
  • Sustainability of CE/PD offerings
  • Factors in member selection of CE/PD
  • Does CE/PD drive organizational membership?
  • Evaluation methods
  • Cross-cultural-sector training opportunities
  • Availability of documentation/list of all CE/PD offerings

The study concludes that there are many opportunities for cross-organizational and cross-sector collaboration that can assist all cultural heritage associations and groups in offering consistently better training to their constituents. At the end of each interview, given the chance to provide additional comments on their CE/PD activities, most study participants said they saw benefit in working together to develop cross-sector offerings; they were happy to see work done on identifying gaps both in and across sectors.

Read the full report.