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Collective Wisdom Impressions: ALA Edition, An Ethnographic Study of a Library Conference

By Stephanie Allen, Collection Manager of Ethnology, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, University of Oklahoma The trip to Orlando, FL for the ALA (American Library Association) Annual Meeting was my second conference trip with the amazing set of people (a subset of eighteen library, archive, and museum professionals), who make up the Collective […]

AAM Reflections Just in Time for ALA

Collective Wisdom (CW) Cohort member Christina Newton, Assistant Director of the Virginia Association of Museums, captures the pace of immersion in the title of her reflections on the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) 2016 Conference: Heading to ALA; Reflecting on AAM. The CW participants have been so caught up in preparing for the next conference […]

Stranger In A Strange Land: Librarian Observations From The AAM Conference

By Kenn Bicknell, Digital Resources Librarian, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Library & Archive— At some point, the LAM (Libraries, Archives & Museums) Conference Exchange members will set foot into an unfamiliar environment: one or more national conferences hosted by the professional associations of the other information sectors.  I approached our first in-person meeting […]

Collecting Wisdom at AAM 2016

Members of the Collective Wisdom LAM Conference Exchange cohort embarked on their first investigation of a major sector conference —the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), examining it through a cross-sector lens. Fourteen cohort members, representing library, archives, and museum institutions, attended the AAM 2016 Conference & Museum Expo at the end of May with the […]

Collective Wisdom: the cohort forms

When we announced the open application process for Collective Wisdom: Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAM) Conference Exchange, we had no idea how strong and enthusiastic the response would be. We were surprised and gratified to receive 112 complete applications from highly qualified candidates, representing a healthy diversity across sectors, geographies, and career stages. The invitation […]