AAM Reflections Just in Time for ALA

Collective Wisdom (CW) Cohort member Christina Newton, Assistant Director of the Virginia Association of Museums, captures the pace of immersion in the title of her reflections on the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) 2016 Conference: Heading to ALA; Reflecting on AAM. The CW participants have been so caught up in preparing for the next conference on their cultural exchange list that they’ve barely had time to look back on the first one.

Jeffrey Inscho, Innovation Studio Director at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, also shared his AAM Notes from the Field just ahead of landing in Orlando for the American Library Association (ALA) Conference.

Both Christina and Jeffrey are in the museum field and were not new to AAM conferences. However, being with the CW cohort prompted them to see the experience through the fresh lenses of their peers.

With the ALA conference just concluded, the next set of reflections will likely be full of comparisons.